Casey's Chicken & Brown Rice

Casey's Chicken & Brown Rice

We love the look of our new packaging, but we are the first to recognize that zip-locked, vacuum-sealed bags produce a lot of plastic. Although the plastic is BPA-free--and vacuum sealing allows us to use every bit of it--still, we wish there was another way. Which got us to thinking.

We will offer a 5% discount to any local customer who provides their own reusable containers when they place a 14-cup order of Paul's Custom Pet Food. That's right. If you live within delivery distance, simply place your order through our website and let us know you'll be providing your own container/s. We'll work out the details and you'll receive a discount.

We know this only solves part of the plastics problem and for only part of our customer base. So we are opening up our virtual suggestion box to you. We want you to share with us your ideas for alternatives to plastic. Please keep in mind that any solution has to be freezer friendly, cost effective, and easy to ship or deliver. We can't wait to hear from you. Email us or share your ideas in the comments section, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages. You can even post pics of creative alternatives on our Instagram page. Don't forget to use the hashtag #realpetfood.

Let's get creative and help our planet together!