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At Paul’s Custom Pet Food, we prepare fresh, handmade, complete and balanced dog food for your adult canine companion and fresh food toppers for cats. And, we are the only company in the US to prepare custom recipes in conjunction with your own veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist.

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Meet Paul & Lynn



Paul Gallant

Anyone who knows Paul knows that when he puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him. Prior to starting Paul’s Custom Pet Food, Paul worked for 30 years with contractors, architects, and landscape designers as a materials procurement specialist for a masonry supply company. With Dr. Well’s guidance, Paul taught himself everything he could about holistic pet health and canine nutrition. He once told his buddy, “If you keep living, I’ll keep cooking.”

For over eight years, Hunter has kept his promise. And Paul has kept his. Determined to help others have healthier pets, Paul opened Paul’s Custom Pet Food in 2014. Today, Paul works with pet owners, veterinarians, and pet nutritionists to prepare food for companion animals. He sources the highest-quality organic and/or locally sourced, restaurant-grade ingredients from farmers and small businesses and makes all food by hand. Paul and Lynn sell food direct to consumer at farmers’ markets and delivers it personally as often as he is able, getting to know both pets and their caretakers by name.

Paul’s Custom Pet Food is Paul Gallant’s passion and – as with all endeavors he embraces – the business is personal. Like the pact he made with Hunter, Paul will keep preparing food for customers’ pets as long as they need him.

Lynn Felici-Gallant

As Paul’s wife and Hunter’s companion, Lynn witnessed firsthand Paul’s extraordinary dedication to Hunter’s well being and his desire to introduce whole, clean, healthful, food to other pets. Naturally, she has benefited from Paul’s passion through the extended years she has with Hunter. But more than that, Lynn has fully immersed herself in the world of pet nutrition, working closely with veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists on all aspects of nutritional health.

As a professional gardener, garden writer, and whole-foods advocate, Lynn is the promotional and administrative force behind PCPF, connecting Paul with farmers, herbalists, farmers’ markets, and food entrepreneurs to further the company’s mission of extending the real-food movement to pets. As an organic home gardener, Lynn takes special delight in watching Hunter eat right out of her beds, nibbling kale or munching on carrots. And as a former attorney and retail merchandiser, Lynn applies her training to help the two loves of her life in any other ways she is able.

Even if that means endless hours tethered to the computer or phone.

How Our Journey Began

Hunter's Story

Our story began in 2010 when Hunter’s groomer discovered a lump the size of a walnut below his jaw. We had it biopsied and learned it was malignant: Hunter had cancer. Our traditional veterinarian recommended we see a veterinary oncologist right away. We met with a doctor and team of assistants who examined Hunter and walked us through the results of the biopsy. They informed us that his cancer was aggressive, and he had six months to live. We were given the option of surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. At the time, Hunter was just over three years old.

After much discussion, we decided not to take the recommended action. We shared the news with friends and family. A friend insisted we see Dr. Hannah Wells, former chief of staff and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine at Health & Wellness Animal Hospital in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. We had an appointment with Dr. Wells the next day.

Dr. Wells studied Hunter’s history, biopsy results, oncology report, and conducted a thorough examination of him, including analysis of his chi. She explained that as a young and energetic Golden Retriever, he ran hot and that the tumor and cancer were also hot. She indicated he would need cool foods and herbs to fight the cancer, and asked if we were willing to switch him from processed to whole foods. “Of course we are,” Paul said.

Dr. Wells prescribed a mix of Chinese herbal medicines and a recipe for Hunter. She explained the differences between cool foods and hot foods, the importance of whole, chemical- and processed-free pet food, and the fundamental way that food interacts with each pet’s unique body.

After eating a whole-foods diet and beating all odds for over ten years, Hunter passed away at home in June of 2019 in Paul and Lynn’s arms. He was almost 13 years old. Today, we continue our commitment to making fresh, wholesome, clean food for your pets in Hunter’s name.



Paul and Lynn are the nicest people you’ll ever meet; they define what a small business is all about – fresh ingredients, locally sourced, wholesome meals cooked with love and care. My yorkie loves everything from Paul’s Custom Pet Food and I am happy to give her the best nutritional meals. I highly recommend PCPF; they are the best!

- Lola,
Sharon, Connecticut

Meet Our Veterinary Nutritionists

Rebecca Remillard

Rebecca Remillard

Dr. Remillard is one of fewer than 100 Diplomates of Veterinary Nutrition with the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN). She owns petdiets.com, an organization of veterinary nutritionists that provides fee-based nutritional consultations, custom diets, and general nutritional information. Dr. Remillard is also the author of 19 publications about animal nutrition and co-editor of Small Animal Clinical Nutrition, 5th edition, the premier textbook for veterinarians.
Sarah Abood

Sarah Abood

Ph.D., DVM
Dr. Abood is also a founder of petdiets.com, an organization of veterinary nutritionists that provides fee-based nutritional consultations, custom diets, and general nutritional information, and the author of 11 publications on animal nutrition.

Meet the Team



Assistant Cook
Pam is a proud mom to two, lucky wife to one, and appreciative companion to two live-in canine buddies (Fanny on her lap, Pepe staring at Fanny). Being part of this special group kept Pam pretty busy for the past many years, but as those needy kids grew into their own impressive, independent selves, Pam was pushed out of the nest to pursue work beyond her own home. She feels fortunate to have landed at Paul’s Custom Pet Food, as the company has embraced her with the feeling of being part of another real “family.” Known for a long time as a certifiable “crazy dog person,” Pam is thrilled about being part of a business that serves dogs with such genuine love. When she’s not helping Paul run the kitchen, you might find her lazing about on the rocker with some knitting, out searching for antiques she has no room for, or at the sewing machine piecing together fabric in hopes it will someday resemble a quilt.


New England Sales Liaison
Say hello to Jane, PCPF’s delivery person to all parts north of Boston, and Paul’s favorite (only) sister. When Jane isn’t jet-setting throughout the country for her job as account representative for Long Term Care Partners LLC, you’ll find her throwing a ball for her beloved black lab, Rondo, taking killer photographs, or whipping up a mean Mexican meal at the home she shares with her husband, Jeff, in New Hampshire. Jane keeps a satellite freezer stocked with Paul’s Custom Pet Food at her house, and is PCPF’s resident personality, coming in as a “WOO” (Winning Others Over) on a recent Clifton StrengthsFinder test. Jane will happily hop into her car to deliver food to anyone’s dog or cat. She is the proud mom of a recent college-grad son and college-aged daughter, dog Rondo, and Sniper, an outdoor cat with a name befitting her.


Assistant Kitchen Manager
Meet Kira, the newest addition to the PCPF crew! She’s a kind, animal-loving woman. Kira is a chef by trade and has 8 years of culinary school under her belt. She attended Johnson & Wales University, studying Culinary Arts and Food Service Management, along with a concentration in Wellness and Sustainability. When she’s not working hard in the kitchen, she’s most likely out in the woods hiking or at home making candles and tending to her many house plants! Pictured here with her is AJ, named after the greatest wrestler AJ Styles.