Fresh Custom Cat and Dog Food Recipes

“My dog is a picky eater.”
“My dog is allergic to chicken.”
“My cat will only eat raw food.”
“My dog has IBS.”
“My cat has early stage kidney disease.”
“I prefer to feed raw and organic only.”

If any of the above sound like you, look no further. Paul’s Custom Pet Food will work with your veterinarian and/or pet nutritionist to prepare a customized meal plan based on your pet’s dietary needs. Raw food or cooked, complete meal or topper, vegan treats or birthday pupcakes, we source all ingredients and personally prepare food designed for your individual pet. Think of us as your pet’s personal chef.

If your pet needs a custom meal plan, begin by filling out and submitting the following questionnaire. Once we have that, we will contact you. With your permission, will will consult with your veterinarian; we prepare food based on your responses and our consultations with a pet professional. If you have a veterinarian, but would like a separate nutritional consultation, we refer you to Diana Laverdure-Dunetz (see her information on this page).

Please note this questionnaire is required to begin the process of customization. It gives us information to use in discussions with your pet professional or our nutritionist. The questionnaire is not an algorithm that generates a recipe. Our meals are truly personalized for your pet based on her or his unique needs.


Please note: We are not veterinarians or pet nutritionists, nor can we diagnose an illness or prescribe a diet for your pet without the input of a veterinarian or nutritionist. We will make suggestions for your pet based on the information you provide us. If you are not currently working with a pet professional, we recommend you consult with a veterinarian if you have any concerns about your pet’s health. We will not contradict the advice of your pet professional, especially if medications or other treatments are being used. If you would like a professional nutritional consultation, we recommend you contact our nutritionist, Diana Laverdure-Dunetz (see information on this page). Paul’s Custom Pet Food is not responsible for any charges for consultations with your veterinarian or nutritionist incurred by you pursuant to the formulation of custom meals.

While we have had excellent results with custom diets, we cannot guarantee a custom-formulated meal will treat or cure any condition. We recommend all changes in diet be made under the direction and supervision of your veterinarian. We create recipes by hand in our human-food kitchen according to relevant laws for human food. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages with respect to your supplementation, food preparation, handling, storage, or feeding method. Please see our FAQs page for information about food handling.