Subscription Plans

For your convenience, we offer 3- and 6-month subscriptions based on the average amount of our food your dog eats. Not only do subscriptions make ordering easy, you save money by buying ahead.

Order based on the size of your dog or the amount your dog eats, as indicated in our chart. Please note these are approximate amounts only; if you think your dog will need more than the amount indicated, order the next, larger size; if you think she will eat less, order a smaller size. Click on a flavor or flavors. If you have more than one dog, order the number of containers together they will eat.

We’ll contact you to arrange a shipping or delivery schedule so you never run out, and we will bill your account automatically. No more calling, texting, or emailing us when you’re running low (unless you want to; we love hearing from happy customers!).

Simple as that — savings and shopping on your terms and schedule.

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The recommended weekly caloric intake for {NAME} is about {CAL_NUMBER}. {SEX_TOGGLE} should have roughly {CAL_NUMBER} per day.

Recommended Calories: {CAL_NUMBER}

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