Shipping Policies

Shipping Routes

Shipping frozen food can be challenging, as it is imperative that all food arrives at its destination with minimal thawing. As a result, at this time, we ship frozen food by ground to UPS Zones 1 and 2 only (see map below). We will ship anyplace else in the United States via overnight air only. Exceptions might be made for established customers, as determined by Paul’s Custom Pet Food.

We ship non-frozen food anywhere in the United States. Non-frozen items ship via the United States Postal Service.

Please note we need a physical address for shipping frozen and non-frozen food; no P.O. boxes, please.

Shipping Options

At check out, you will have different options for shipping. Ground or home delivery is the least expensive method, though it means your food will be shipped by truck. In warmer months this can result in more thawing. If you prefer, there is also an option for overnight shipping.

If you are scheduled for 2-day ground transit, your items should arrive with minimal thawing. The more product you have in your box, the longer it will take to thaw. For example, larger orders (8 – 10 containers per box) take much longer to thaw than smaller orders (2 – 3 containers per box). If you want minimal thawing, please order at least 8 containers whenever possible, or upgrade to overnight air shipping.

Note: The day the order ships is not counted in the transit time. For example, a Monday ship date with 2-day transit is expected to reach you on Wednesday.

Shipping Orders

You can view shipping rates by adding items to your shopping cart and proceeding through check out. Shipping is based on weight, location, and the shipping option you choose.

Add different amounts to your shopping cart and proceed through check out to see the rates. You can do this with different quantities to see different rates. You are not obligated to purchase unless you confirm your order at the end of check out.

Shipping Supplies

We ship in insulated boxes with dry ice and freezer packs. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, part of the earth’s atmosphere. It is the gas we exhale during breathing and the gas plants use in photosynthesis. It is also the same gas commonly added to water to make club soda.

Dry ice is particularly useful for freezing, and for keeping food frozen, because of its very cold temperature: -109.3F. Dry ice changes directly from a solid to a gas – called sublimation – in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage. Hence the name, “dry ice”.

As a general rule, dry ice will sublimate at a rate of five pounds every 24-36 hours in an insulated cooler. This is why we use both dry ice and freezer packs. The freezer packs will continue to keep the products at the desired temperature after the dry ice has dissipated. NEVER touch dry ice that is intact.

We have tried shipping frozen food many ways before making the difficult decision to use insulated Styrofoam boxes. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to accept the shipped return of insulated boxes, however, we will gladly pick up boxes and ice packs that are clean and in good condition if we are in your area.

Shipping Days

We ship frozen food on Monday and Tuesdays only. All orders must be accepted for shipping by us at least one business day prior to the next ship date. Orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want date-specific shipping, order at least 5 business days in advance and request a ship date in the comments box, keeping in mind we only ship Monday and Tuesday. This applies to prepared food only; custom orders will generally ship on the Monday or Tuesday following preparation, or upon agreement. We ship non-frozen food or other items most weekdays.

Shipping Issues

Please contact us within 24 hours if you do not receive your package by the date and time indicated on your tracking order. As a seller, we can trace the box and have UPS contact the driver to see where the box was left, as it may have been delivered to a wrong address. Time is of the essence. If you neglect to contact us within 24 hours of scheduled delivery date and time, there is no recourse and payment will not be refunded.