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At Paul’s Custom Pet Food, our mission is simple: to improve upon the health and well being of your pet through healthful, whole, nutrient-dense food. We source every ingredient for our prepared foods from the human-food supply chain, just as is done for restaurants.

In fact, we go further than most restaurants in sourcing ingredients for our pet food. Most ingredients are obtained directly from farms within 50 miles of our kitchen, and many are organic. We use a commercial kitchen. Paul is ServSafe-certified in human-food preparation and oversees every aspect of production; we do not use co-packers.

You can be assured that every ingredient that goes into Paul’s Custom Pet Food is fit for human consumption. If you wouldn’t eat it; why should your dog or cat? (The only exception is for custom raw food we make pursuant to a veterinarian-approved order. See our Custom Recipe page for more information.)

Shop directly and find nutritional information for each food by clicking on any of the recipes below. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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