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Food, Not Feed

Why Make the Switch to FRESH Food?

Health Benefits

The health benefits of a fresh, whole-foods diet include improved digestion, weight management, a shiny coat, clear eyes, fresh breath, and overall wellness – not to mention a happier pup!

But don’t take our word for it; read the latest research demonstrating that a fresh pet food diet made of human-grade ingredients is highly digestible! 

Real Food

A fresh, whole-foods diet made up of high-quality meats, vegetables, fruits, complex carbohydrates, and good fats is simply more healthful than processed food or feed. 

Processed pet food/feed uses preservatives, salt, sweeteners, saturated fat, artificial colors, and flavor enhancers to promote shelf stability, texture, and palatability. We are proudly not shelf stable!

Ingredients You Know

At Paul’s Custom Pet Food, we take sourcing seriously. Many ingredients in our recipes are sourced from farms within 50 miles of our commercial kitchen in Northwest Connecticut.

We know our farmers and food producers by name and take pride in sourcing ethically every ingredient that goes into your pet’s bowl and treats.

Discover Our Story

Who we are

It wasn’t until our late dog, Hunter (pictured with us), contracted cancer at 3 years old that our eyes were opened to the realities of pet food — that what we assumed was food is, in fact, something else altogether: feed.

Turns out, most commercial dog and cat food includes ingredients not fit for human consumption or is processed in such a way it cannot be defined as food (despite what the label says).

“Why?” you might ask. It is a good question — one we never asked before Hunter got sick, and one we have not stopped asking since. The answer led us to form Paul’s Custom Pet Food with only one goal in mind — to make fresh, ethically sourced, gently cooked, and wholesome food — not feed — for your companion animals.

The story begins with Hunter’s diagnosis…

Paul Lynn Hunter

Real Food for Pets

Fresh, Handmade, Whole-Food Ingredients

Our mission is simple: to improve upon the well-being of your pet through healthful, fresh, nutrient-dense, and veterinarian-developed food.

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Where Can You Find Paul’s Custom Pet Food?

Look for us at these farmers' markets, cafes, independent pet stores, or have us ship or deliver directly to your door!

I just took Enzo to the vet for his yearly exam and she said he looked great! His eyes, coat, and teeth look amazing and his weight is perfect. She asked what I was feeding him and I told her all fresh food from PCPF. She said Enzo was lucky to have such a great diet. Thank you so much for your amazing product!


Fairfield, Connecticut

I’ve been a fan of Paul’s Custom Pet Food since my first conversation with Paul and our first container of food 6 years ago. Darla is healthier and more vibrant than before eating Paul’s food, and simply loves the food and treats (and Paul). I love the integrity of the company and the sourcing of the ingredients. Bravo!



Fairfield, Connecticut