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Food, Not Feed

It wasn’t until our dog Hunter contracted cancer at 3 years old that our eyes were opened to the realities of pet food — that what we assumed was “food” is, in fact, something else altogether: feed.

Turns out, most commercial dog and cat food includes ingredients not fit for human consumption, or is processed in such a way it cannot be defined as food (despite what the label says).

“Why?” you might ask. It is a good question — one we never asked before Hunter got sick, and one we have not stopped asking since. The answer led us to form Paul’s Custom Pet Food with only one goal in mind — to make real, ethically sourced, gently cooked or raw food — not feed — for your companion animals.

The story begins with Hunter’s diagnosis…

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We’ve been feeding Finis Paul’s food since he was a puppy. He is 2 1/2 years old. Our veterinarian loves the fact that it is fresh and the ingredients are real, and Finis loves everything about it! His coat is perfect and his bones are thick and stable. Thank you PCPF.

Joe + Pam, Punta Gorda, Florida